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Skrubologist & Shugaskrub Creator


Kerie Elias  

Shugaskrub was established by Kerie Elias in 2020. Kerie has always been an entrepreneur, from starting a food truck business to opening her own bar & restaurant. Her recipes have always spoken for themselves. Kerie's expertise also crosses into the baking industry. Her husband owns a family run bakery  Homestyle Desserts Inc, that has been in business for over 50 years. The success of both businesses is a testament to their belief in quality ingredients. After assisting her husband for many years you can say she knows a lot about sugar.  Kerie was inspired to experiment with sugar in a new way after her son was experiencing periods of severe dry and itchy skin. Regular moisturizer was not enough to ease his irritation. After doing some research, Kerie decided she wanted to try an holistic approach that was chemical free. She put together a combination of simple, natural and quality ingredients that made a noticeable difference in her son's condition after the first week. His excitement motivated Kerie to share her scrubs with family and friends in hopes that it would make a difference in their lives. Great feedback from the scrubs influenced the launch of Shugaskrub. Shugaskrub displays a collection of these handmade scrubs from floral to fruity. Their mission is to make your skin a top priority. Take care of it by giving it the attention it deserves; exfoliate, hydrate and let the sensation relax your body. 

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